New Make-A-Difference (M.A.D.) Photography Workshops & Art Projects

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In the 13 years that I’ve lived in Singapore I’ve met so many inspirational women who are a force for good in the world, who work tirelessly and thanklessly to improve the lives of others through their charity and volunteer work. I’m in awe of these women and want to support them as best I can.

So I’m thrilled to announce the launch of a new photography education experience in Singapore… Make A Difference (M.A.D.) Photography Workshops & Art Projects.
These hands-on workshops are designed with 3 objectives:

  1. Use photography for good and support a worthy cause
  2. Provide hobbyist and aspiring professional photographers with unique opportunities to work on fun and challenging creative projects with real “clients” (charities, NGO’s and non-profits) in small groups, with lots of one-to-one coaching
  3. Offer a more holistic learning experience that covers the full spectrum of a commercial photography and photo art projects, including:
    1. Brand analysis and identification of the target market
    2. Concept creation
    3. Planning and executing a professional photo shoot
    4. Selecting and editing the photos
    5. Creating photo art and/or market materials for social media and print

Our first M.A.D Photo Shoot:  Save Our Street Kittens Singapore

Friday, 20 September 2019

Make-A-Difference Photography Workshop Singapore

If you’re an animal-lover, don’t miss our first M.A.D. Photo Shoot & Workshop this Friday.  Our client is Save Our Street Kittens (SOKS), a selfless and self-funded team of volunteers who rescue and re-home abandoned and stray kittens. Yes… you guessed it… there are going to be lots of adorable kittens everywhere!

This is your chance to Make A Difference as you learn step-by-step how to plan and execute a professional photo shoot for a “client”, including concept creation, studio lighting, action photography, individual portrait photography, group portrait photography, pet photography, photo editing, and social media content creation.

GROUP SIZE: Maximum 4 Participants


  • 5 Hour Commercial Photography & Photo Editing Workshop
  • Lunch
  • Group coaching on creating a Creative Concept & Planning a Photo Shoot (Prior to the Shoot)
  • One to One coaching during the photo shoot (arrangement of props, composition, technical settings, light, etc.)
  • One to One coaching on Photo Selection and Editing in LightRoom
  • Group coaching on creating social media marketing materials

Participants’ photos will help a number of abandoned kittens to find loving homes in Singapore, and bring joy to so many families.

I can’t wait to get started.  Together we really can Make A Difference!

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