Meet Janice Boo – the bubbly photographer who joined a group of UWC parents on a mission in Myanmar

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During one her visits to Singapore, we caught up with warm, vivacious Janice Boo from Malaysia – a keen photographer and travel-lover with a knack for bonding instantly with strangers and taking amazing travel portraits.

Janice’s Photographic Journey

Janice first got into photography 4 years ago thanks to her partner, who had lots of camera gear, but, with his busy work schedule, he seldom found time to use it. Janice would often come to visit him in Singapore and, when he was working, she would pick up his camera and soon found that she had quite a passion and talent for photography.

Janice attended several photography courses with photographers in Malaysia, Cambodia and Singapore, who each specialize in different fields.  She hones her skills by photographing regularly and has realized that people photography is what she is most excited about.  This comes easily to her as her vibrant personality makes people warm to her quickly.

Portrait of a boy by Janice Boo

Janice’s Charitable Work

Janice’s journey into serious travel photography started with a charitable trip to Bagan in Myanmar in November 2017. She had just completed a 50mm Photography Workshop with Karen Lucas when she saw that Karen had posted a requirement on the club page for a volunteer photographer to join a humanitarian mission.

Janice immediately volunteered, booked her flights that night, and met the people she was traveling with – a group of parents from United World College (UWC) – for the first time at the airport. The project was the construction and setup of a library in a village school and Janice’s role was to visually document the last step of the project, when they would arrange the interior space, stock the library with the books that they’d sourced, create the catalog system, and teach the teachers and children how to use and manage the library.

Janice loved taking photos of the villagers, teachers and children in the school. Her favourite part was capturing their expressions and emotions, and the many special moments that happened during the trip.

What’s next for Janice?

I’ve been working on my editing skills with Lightroom and would love to become a professional photographer one day.  For now, I still want to learn more and get more experience in different areas of photography.  I would love to go back to Myanmar one day to explore more, as I didn’t have much free time during the charity trip.

You can follow Janice’s photography on Instagram.

With her enthusiasm, warmth and talent for establishing an instant rapport with strangers, we think Janice has an excellent career ahead of her as a Travel or Portrait Photographer. 

We wish her all the best!

Portrait by Janice Boo
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