Bhutan Photo Tour: Karen’s Top 25 photos


We just got back from a FANTASTIC photography tour in Bhutan with 10 fabulous photography-lovers from around the world (UK, Australia, India, Columbia, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, France). 

The highlights were definitely the incredibly colourful and lively Talo Festival (and the chance to get really close-up to the action and the rituals), our visit to Bhutan’s most beautiful Dzong in Punakha, and an amazing hike to Bhutan’s most iconic site: Tiger’s Nest.  We were lucky to have some beautiful blue sky days and the weather was milder than expected (though our thermals certainly came in handy for our sunrise photo shoots – brrrrr!).  

During this trip, I found myself deeply moved and captivated by Bhutan’s deeply spiritual people, the fascinating rituals and meanings behind everything they do, and of course the breathtaking scenery and incredible sights.   I confess that I was so moved during our visit to Tiger’s Nest that there were tears streaming down my cheeks.  There’s something truly magical about this country and I can’t wait to return and explore more.  

So, I’m super excited to announce that we’ll be running another Bhutan Photography Tour in the Autumn!  This time we’re venturing further afield, to one of the most beautiful places in Bhutan, the Phubjika Valley where we’ll experience and photograph the vibrant Gangtey Festival.  Come join us!


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