Myanmar Photo Tour: Karen’s Top 25 photos


Just got back from another fantastic photography tour in Myanmar with 10 fabulous ladies from around the world (UK, Australia, Brazil, USA, Germany, Italy, India & Indonesia) and an exceptional guide, Mr Min Aye Than. 

November is an excellent time of year to travel in Myanmar as it’s dry and temperatures are warm but not too hot.  The country has seen a decline in tourism over the past few months due to the conflict on the north western border so it’s a great time to visit if you want to experience the highlights of the country without a lot of other tourists around.   We visited Yangon and Bagan which are very far from the trouble hot spot so we never felt in any danger.  And now that Myanmar offers online e-visa application it’s even easier to travel there so please go – it’s a magical place and the people are warm and friendly, always ready with a quick smile and eager to please.

After downloading my 3200 photos it was a tough choice to narrow down my favourites to just 25 but luckily Lightroom makes the whole process of selecting and editing your photos much quicker and easier than it used to be. 

Most of the photos below were shot with a wide angle lens which in recent years has become my lens of choice for travel photography as it’s such a great story-telling lens.   It’s not the easiest lens to use as it captures A LOT so the secret to success is to get as close as possible to the scene.  Tip:  If your shot isn’t good enough, you’re probably not close enough!


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