Meet Photographer Karen Lucas

Hi there! I’m Photographer Karen Lucas and would like to wish you a very WARM WELCOME!

If you love taking photos while exploring new places and would like to improve your camera or creative skills in the company of an amazing bunch of photography-lovers from all over the world, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m a Mum, Entrepreneur, Instructor, self-taught Digital Artist, IT Guru, insatiable Traveler and Problem-Solver Extraordinaire.  I have a masters degree, speak 3 languages, am constantly looking for better ways to do things, love to dance, adore anything art-related (books, theatre, galleries) and my favourite food is Italian. I’m a big softy, especially when it comes to kids and animals, and I cry in movies… a LOT… even animations!

Most of all – I love, love LOVE helping people and I’ve always had jobs where I could make a positive difference, whether it be as a problem-solver, creator or coach.

My job is AWESOME!

I get to help people go from…

“Argh, all these camera buttons are so confusing!”


“I love taking photos, but I don’t think I’ve got a creative bone in my body – please help!”


“Woohoo!  That’s so cool!  I never dreamed I’d be able to take such amazing photos!”

And I get to do this in amazing locations: first in Singapore (my home for 14 years and a fantastic destination for photography with its iconic architecture, diverse cultures, elaborate festivals, endless attractions and friendly locals) and now in Japan, a country of stunning natural beauty with a rich heritage, fascinating culture, amazing food, warm and kind people, and endless photo opportunities.

Photographer Karen Lucas in her studio

If I had to describe my teaching style in a few words it would be:

  • Practical: Sure, we’ll go over the theory (which is super important), but then we’ll apply the theory in practical exercises so you get used to using all those buttons to create the effect you want
  • Personal: I restrict my classes to 3 to 10 participants so you don’t need to feel nervous about asking questions and I can give you individual support and feedback when you need it.
  • To the point: I don’t waffle, I don’t repeat myself (although I will talk about ISO and Aperture and Speed again and again!).  Your time is valuable and I want to maximize your learning experience so each class is jam-packed with tips, techniques and inspiration.
  • Easy to understand: I’m told by my clients (especially those who aren’t native English-speakers) that I’m very easy to understand as I speak clearly, don’t use unnecessary jargon and have a knack of breaking down very technical concepts into easily-digestible chunks.
  • Useful in your daily life: I’m not going to bore you with technical stuff  like the science behind how a camera works.  I’m going to teach you the essential camera and creative skills that I feel would benefit you most to enable you to photograph the things that are important to you.
  • My door is always open: Whatever you need help with, please feel free to e-mail, message or call me – solving problems is how I get my kicks!
  • 2007 Exhibited – The Affordable Photo Fair
  • 2012 Winner – Temple Safari Photo Competition – Asian Geographic
  • 2012 Featured – The Best of Singapore – Singapore Tatler
  • 2012 Exhibited – Asian Geographic One Asia festival
  • 2015 Recommended – Expat Living Reader Awards
  • 2015 Featured – Singapore’s Best Family Photographers – Little Steps

Not many people get to have 2 great careers, so I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had an IT job that I loved for 15 years, before following my creative passions and launching my photography business in 2007 under the name Baobab Photography (a sentimental reminder of my birthplace in Zimbabwe).

I initially worked as a Freelancer on a wide range of photographic assignments including Portrait, Editorial, Fashion, School, Corporate and Commercial Photography.

Over time I discovered (much to my surprise as we had no kids back then) that what excited me most was working with kids and families.  I’m quite a smiley person so I found that kids warmed to me easily and it was brilliant fun coming up with all sorts of silly ways to get them laughing.  And getting the adults to let go, relax and have fun was just as rewarding.  I’d be photographing a mum or dad with their kids and I’d see such beautiful love flowing around them – it would bring a tear to my eye.  I’ve never been prouder than when I’ve managed to capture those incredible moments.  That’s an amazing gift to be able to give someone.

By pure chance, I started teaching photography not long after I launched my business when I was asked to run a basic photography workshop for PrimeTime’s members.  I spent ages preparing all the materials and I remember being so nervous that I was physically quite ill, but once I got going and saw how enthusiastic people were, I was in my element.  The evening went really well, feedback was amazing and everyone was clamouring for more. And, the rest, as they say, is history.  My basic workshop became a comprehensive photography program and when I realized people wanted to explore Singapore and beyond whilst learning photography, I introduced Singapore Photo Walks and Photography Tours to Bhutan, Cambodia and Myanmar.

With the birth of our precious little boy in 2016, I made the tough choice to temporarily retire my Portrait Photography business so that I can spend quality time with my son.  Now I devote my working hours to sharing my experience, expertise and love of my craft and helping as many people as I can to capture their own beautiful memories.

My clients come from all over the world – they’re mainly Expat Mums who want to capture great memories of their kids, their time in Singapore and their travels in this exciting region.

A number of these amazing women have become photo competition winners and some have even turned their own dreams into reality and become award-winning Professional Photographers.

I’ve also worked with a number of corporate and non-profit clients including Nestle, Roedl, National University of Singapore, One World International School, Tabitha, KB Associates, Meggitt, ANZA, Bloomberg, NIBC Bank, Rodyk, Rhone Services, Pinstripe, Woolf Works, Camenae, Nutrition Clinic, SnapSack, PrimeTime, Past Perfect, Just Anthony, Garibaldi, Cayen, Undu, Ribbons & Roses and my photos have featured in leading publications like the Straits Times, Asian Geographic, Expat Living, Russian Guide to Singapore, SilverKris, Impulse, Bamboo Telegraph and Tattler.


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